Choong & Qian

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“Gordon is a very conscientious and very responsible agent. 

 The entire process looks simple but it really wasn’t especially when there are specific needs and requirements. We depended heavily on our agent in total faith, shared with him our concerns and he addressed them well as if he was the applicant himself. It was a process which was made less painful by the agent for us.

 Whenever a sudden request popped up, he was detailed in getting good work done and guided us in how to go about doing it. He had all the resources e.g. legal, translator which made the entire process simpler.

 The agent also goes the extra mile in helping the client in every way he could. We wouldn’t have anyone else besides them. He explains what you are paying for and frankly speaking for the amount of work and monitoring, he is worth every single cent.

I would highly recommend them to anyone else who needs an extra hand to help them in anyway possible.”

Choong & Qian
24th February 2017